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If a child fever is not responding even after 1hr to Paracetamol 15mg/kg dose & child is in discomfort what to do?
How frequently & earliest can repeat PCM ?
Is dose of PCM different in infancy?

Sir yield from pus is very low in cbnaat .then what to do.is stool sample can be sent in place of gastric aspirate

necrosis in Lymph nodes is suggestive of TB?
what is kichukis pathogenesis
how common is MOTTs incervical lymphadenopathy

Sir , in a neonate, who was earlier doing well at home, presenting with fever, do we need to perform CSF in all of them.

Many a times in my experience doctors r treating CRP rather then child
Many times CRP is very high and child is ok and remains well
Ur comment

1.What is normal csf finding in neonate
2. How early can crp be done in neonate
3. Any role of procalcotonin in neonate.