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Some pediatrician do recommend papaya leaves extract and Kiwi fruit in thrombocytopenia…
What’s your take ?

which are clinical signs and symptoms or lab parameters which suggest fungal sepsis drduring first few days of febrile neutropenia

Pus culture growing staphylococcus sensitive to linezolid and resistant to most of other antibiotics..
Can we start oral linezolid ?
What’s the indication for iv linezolid ?

sometimes we see 2/3 months old infant with fever,no focus of infection.Parents are not willing for investigation and hospitalation.Should we srart emperic antibiotics ?

if we suspect dehydration fever and full term relatively well child then invasive testing like CSF is justified?? or should be done only if Septic screen positive

Any role of micro- ESR in febrile neonate evaluation..?

How to do micro-ESR ?
Can we do it in NICU itself ?

why classically steroid should be used in Hib meningitis, infact other meningitis can also caused hearing impairment or other morbidity as post meningeal complicataion

Many a times, we dont know the cause of fever during first visit,as there is no obvious focus…
parents want to know the cause..
how do you counsel?
Manyparents/ doctors lable it as viral..
your opinion ?

Do you recommend throat examination in all the patients of fever in present scenario of Covid 19 ?

What precautions you advise for the doctor ?

can weconsider viral fever in few patients those not responding to pcm that much during initial few days

In mild infections , should antipyretics be given round the clock so as to make the pt feel better avoiding fever spikes or sos letting the pt get bit uncomfortable with fever and then giving it, knowing actual fever pattern.

Many paeditrician use mefenemic acid for fever..

Some patients are happy with it as compared to paracetamol..

We know that, it is not recommended… But recommendations changes often..

Kindly give details on pros n cons of antipyretic