AOP Gujarat and SPACT Action Plan – E Gurukul : Pediatric Endocrinology Update Part I (13th June 2021)

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Good noon DR VAMAN SIR…..myself Dr Navdeep Singla from Haryana Panipat….. Q I use to do thyroid function tests in cases of SHORT STATURE and markers of thyroid involvement …ALSO in cases of GDD,, colelic,alopacia and white hairs,, obesity,, IBD ,,IDDM etc…. MY resident use to ask basis in these… I tell part of autoimmune,, syndromic,,biochemical homology,genetic etc……SIR KINDLY EXACT SCIENTIFIC BASIS to send tfts in these situations????

A 10 year old girl is investigated completely as per standard guidelines and labelled as idiopathic short stature. How to proceed further and how to counsel the frustrated parents? Please share your experience regarding use of GH therapy in these patients.

How to measure lenght / height in children who have lower limb deformities say for e.g genu varum or genu valgum?

What is the presentation of overdosage of vitamin D and how to supect if vitD levels cannot be done.

1year term born female on daily vit D suppliment of 800 iu but all suspected features and signs of Rickets
But on ix vit D level was 184 iu , very high, counterchecked
All po4 normal
Xray suggestive of ricket
What could be the reason of this paradoxical high vit D level
No signs of toxicity

Which is the most accepted normal level of 25-OH cholecalciferol? Which method is the standard method for its estimation?

When do we label it as non-response to oral VITAMIN D therapy? How to proceed once we label it as non-response?

What starting dose should be given in a proved hypothyroidism if repeat investigations cannot be done easily,

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