APME – Antimicrobial Prescribing Made Easy

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Sir,I also want my no.to be included in the Whattup group.
How to acquire the APME Hand book?
Kindly help .

Staphylococcus growth in blood cultures,should we ignore as contamination if the patient is already on antibiotic .How long should we continue the ongoing antibiotic?

Gd Morning Sir
I am Dr S K Sondhi from Haridwar UK.
-I am practicing Paeditrics for the last 32 yrs but it is first time i am
knowing & learning proper use of Antibiotics for the first time.
-How to use & give Clindamycin orally. It is available in cap form.
– Status , use, indication & precaution of oral Linezolid.
-I want to get my name in whats app group of this APME.
-I want to ger hand APME hand book. How to deposit money.
Thanx with Regards