Approach Towards Children with Covid-19 (13th June 2021)

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2 doses of covishield taken 6mnths over .if antibodies are below normal.can they take vaccine 1more dose. If yes which one u prefer.

Is it necessary to give anti coagulants to all covid patients post discharge and for how long?

some of the virologist feel, with the current rate of infection and vaccination the combined effect of post infective antibodies and vaccine antibodies will prevent the onset of 3rd wave or may not be that serious? Is it possible.

childrens are superspreader of Corona then why no mask is necessary for below 5 years & not below2

Children can’t be admitted alone they will have to be kept with parents. What about infectivity to health Care workers ? Your comment ?

When to use low molecular weight heparin in children and which dose and how to stop it

What is the upper limit for the dose of oral dexamethasone especially in adolescents?

A 5 year oid child is febrile for last 5 days. There are no associated symptoms. Tests for other febrile illness are negative. Clinical examination is normal. There are no co morbidities. However, CRP is 45, NLR is more than 3.5, rTPCR is negative How to manage this child from day 6 ?

Usually 2-6 weeks is the duration from appearance of symptoms for MISc. What’s the reason we found MISc even after 1 week in 2 nd wave ( even before completion of 2nd wave)

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