Breast feeding series: Covid 19 Pandemic & Breast feeding

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A new born baby in US had diarrhoea not gaining wt, diagnosed as allergy & put on EBM &simulacrum alimentum & mother advised to avoid milk product,baby improved after 2 weeks, but baby is not sucking at the breast.taking EBM& simylac alimentum, through, to make the baby to have direct breast
Kindly tell me the solution

We shiuld be able to promote early skin to skin contact to answer some of your challenges.
A lot of counseling is required.
Shashi N Vani

is there any mother refused to breastfeed/or advised not to breast feed? what is the solution? why only 70% mothers initiated immediately. what happened to other 30% mothers?

Is there known Covid transmission via breast milk? Any precautions to be followed while collecting milk for the milk bank?