CADE ( Childhood Allergic Diseases Education) module National TOT (16th & 17th March 2021)

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Is there a study in patients with serous otitis media in patient’s with AR and adenoid hypertrophy to assess the levels of eosinophils are there in ear secretions. Considering United airway disease.

If ICS is stepped on poor air days then how long we continue and when to step down.. is it for 3 months as we routinely do

When we re restarting milk to see if he has outgrown why baked milk as it was mentioned boiling excessively at high temp increases protein content will it not make it more allergenic

Sir when antihistamine action is 6-8 hours why we have to discontinue for 4-7 days before SPT

Can’t we use combination antihistamines like Levocet in the morning and atarax at night for better sleep.can we use H2 antihistamines as our skin contains 15 % of H2 histamine receptors in cases of severe urticaria

Sir for chronic urticatia the rashes , the wheals have to persist continuously everyday for 6 weeks? Or if they appear and disappear for a few days till 6 weeks that’s recurrent or chronic urticatia

To Dr.Nagaraju Sir ,
What is the best Desi method to keep Adrenaline Inj handy for use in people prone to Anaphylaxis …??

Why 3 months, ins we have to discontinue sir when it’s always progressive in pernnial ar eg dustmite allergy.should we continue lifelong

sir azilastine fluticasone combination is od or bd n how long can it be used before swithing to only ins