Chhattisgarh Adolescent Health Academy Awareness Program (29th May 2021)

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My daughter having mole in lower back and excessive dandruff and in arms some slight eruptions seen as if dandruff affecting that area…What should she do

parents have special needs children they don’t accept the reality of child so it’s very difficult to deal with when school ask to give application for l special support of special educatior then they feel it will. come in childs record so how to deal with ..please suggest ….

Hats off to Dr Bafna the way he had taken up a very challenging topic like adolescence. His poetic expressions and statements had made the webinar very interesting and captivating. Thanks to all the panelist and CG government.

What are the viral infections happen while visiting a beauty parlour? What are the precautions to be taken while we are there?

What precautions should be taken to keep our hair healthy? Please suggest some ideas.

My daughter is having spotting in her face she is 12 year old and itchy face what should be done.

How to manage the mood swings of the adolescents in this lockdown? As the kids are very much into going outside and meet friends.

How do we as teachers help the students who are facing emotional problems due to loss of loved ones

Good afternoon, a very required topic during this difficult times. How do as teachers, we can support the children being far away, regarding depression and parental pressure, absence of peer support.

How can we keep our adolescents away from the virtual world. I have noticed due to pandemic children have resorted to different means during their exams and daytime . How can we make them move swiftly to the real world.

1. My daughter is having dark circles..plz suggest .what to do to get rid of dark circles…and get a glowing skin.
2. Even we have hair loss problem. Plz suggest something for hair growth nd lessen the hair loss.

My daughter’s skin is very dry even after applying moisturiser.. she is 11 years old.What should I do?

My son is having a lot of hair fall. He is in his 20’s. His hair density is already thin and hair line has already receded a lot.What can we do to increase the hair density and regrow the hairline.

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