Autism Awareness Day Program (19th April 2021)

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How often have you tried using valparin in ASD with aggressive and ADHD symptoms. Does it benefit.

For young children, how far would you increase the resperidone ti you see an effect. What other med would you consider if resperidone dose not be effective.

11yrs old male child with hyperactivity, impulsivity, poor social interact, poor school performance, has ocds and also has hypersexual behaviour..should medication be given?

Are there any radiological investigations that are needed in autistic children… does MRI brain show any changes in an autistic child

15 yr old girl
Eye contact not developed
Communication not developed
Suddenly laugh
She is in her world some times hypoxia one of the reason to cause autism spectrum disorder
2. What are the chances of second baby being autistic.

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