Discussion on different aspects of current wave of Covid-19 pandemic (9th May 2021)

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How to differentiate anti cov antibodies due to natural infection from that due to immunization.

I know many people who have a format of Rt PCR on their laptop and they just change dates and travel.
This is also major route if transmission by air travel
Can anything be done about this

In earlier question two vaccine vials r being blocked by gov not to use from 1st May 2021
I dont understand this?
Anyhing wrong with the vaccine?

I hv two doses of covishield available at my hospital.pts r ready to take..but gov authority has instructed not to give any vaccine from private hosp feom 1st may 2021.
Why so? Exp date of vaccines is in aug 2021

Lactating mothers can be given Covid vaccine. Is there any evidence Covishield is better or Covaxin

In my family 6 elders who has received at least one dose of vaccine, 2 who had non detectable levels of antibodies were hospitalised but other 4 , who had good antibody level were either asymptomatic or mild illness

When to give second dose after person develops covid -19( RTPCR positive) after 1st dose of vaccine

When a baby with symptoms, say fever,cough, loose motion should be tested for covid19, day 1 or after few days?

Approval of covid hospitals at private sectors has fired back..
Allnsuch hospitals without norms maintained have beennproving super spreader.Must check..

Why we say system has collapsed? It just overwhelmed our meager resources. The administration failed us & not the medical system sir. our health allocation budget is minuscule; it is not a priority for our political system . Our young medicos are doing the best possible needful & we are proud of same.Even calculation of oxygen beds by NITI Aayog was skewed leading to present crisis.
Hopefully we shall fight it out. Jai Hind

Role & place of steroids for excessive cough in 18yrs old covid positive with normal spo2 and HR even after 6min walk test

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