Gujrat AOP: Lessons from GOD (Gurus’ Odyssey of Dedication) (22nd July 2021)

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PRANAMS TO OUR GOD Cum GURU DR.YK.AMDEKAR sir, Fortunate to listen & Learn sir Biography .
I feel i am blessed,.. Its time IAP must come out and release his Autobiography in the next National Conference,

There is problem in getting to watch so if possible please record it and send us link so we can watch it again and again

In day today Pediatric practice
I try to avoid antibiotics abuse In viral condition…but in community other general practinioner Always use cefixime/Amoxicillin and many more drug without any investigation .

In such circumstances how can I improve general awarness to avoid ANTIBIOTICS ABUSE.

Question :
Being Humble, Human and with Humor !
Sir is a Bench Mark of Modesty and Upright Principles.
We are fortunate to be learning from him.

GOOD EVENING ALL OF YOU,. PRANAMS TO OUR GURU DR.YK.AMDEKAR, Great opportunity & Happy , Fortunate to listen to Him .

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