Howrah academy of Pediatrics: “For the Search of Science, For the Search of truth”(6th June 2021)

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1)From the discussion it is now clear that TMPRSS2 is involved proteolytic activation of influenza and coronavirus because it is encoded by TMPRSS2 gene. Also some of the studies show Flu vaccinated people are protected from COVID. Is it a correct explanation of above fact?
2) As we know killed vaccines produce only local immunity and not CMI , vaccines what are available for covid,are they produce good amount of CMI /stimulate CD4 cells?

Our life style and feeding habits is the measure cause of modern desease and corona. We forgotten our culture . Our gene is made for eating fat and protein and fasting .we don’t require carbohydrate because there is essential fatty acid and amino acid but no essential carbohydrate. My question is can we increase our immunity by doing fasting and keto diet.
I have reversed my daibetes .gerd ,osteoporosis , snoring etc. I am seeing patients without any protection .
Go to basic sir , anybody can discuss with me . Just do fasting . I have enough matterials , I can share if anybody wants

Arun sir,
It’s really a hypnotising as well as eye opening session, I felt.
Please do continue to teach us !

Is it then better to take Aspirin rather than taking Paracetamol as antipyretics as well as anti-inflammatory, during early hours of fever in Covid 19, as it will also down regulates anti platelet activities?

If anyone don’t have any co morbidities, is there anyway to understand and measure whether he/she is Hyper immune or normo immune to Corona virus ?

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