IAP Action Plan 2021 – PG Clinic (6th July 2021)

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Bone marrow to be done after stabilizing the child sir so to stabilize as so low platelet and Hb of 3 so transfusion need to be given mam

Mam no petechiae purpura in this child and also not so much hepatosplenomegaly and at this age of 10 yrs
Turned out to be ALL
So it is common or uncommon presentation at this age.??

Fever with anemia with small joints tenderness with hepatosplenomegaly
Can it be a Sojia.??
Or malignancy sir

Bone marrow if mature erythrocyte less than 10 percent is diagnostic of red cell aplasia

Waekness in a 10 yr old Can be due to rickets sir
Muscle weakness
Nerve prblm
Ant horn cell
Nm junction

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