IAP AP State in association with NNF AP State & IAP Visakhapatnam District (26th July 2020)

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What is the kind of supplementary milk after 6 months onwards . We should not encourage tinned milk as a substitute for indiancow’ milk.
Please elaborate.

Sir, for secondary lactose intolerance, what advice u give to mother on breast feeding? Will u advice soy based formulas to infant less than 6 months?

1.Is second infection of corona will be serious one and dreadful sir. 2.How long antibodies give protection from covid19?

Can normal immunization be given in this corona period? What vaccines to be given in a child with nephrotic syndrome remission?

A reddish pigmented patch at the back of head just below the hair line at the center.it is waxing and waning in newborns. What is the reason.

Temper tantrum in children. How to tackle such a child( hitting against wall, beating others)?

Sir, if siddha medicines and homeo like arsenic don’t have evidence to improve immunity, then why govt is promoting? I don’t understand . In my place few of my relatives compelling me to give homeo medicines for my kids which IAM resisting till now.

People are asking about MMR vaccine protecting against Corona virus. How do we counsel them?

What definitely works to boost immunity :
Good diet
Good sleep
Sunlight exposure
We can guide parents on this rather than denying on any ‘immunity boost up’ questions ask by them.

dr.ch.vishnumurthy, amalapuram(ap)
very practical session. it reminds me the questions i am facing since my 40 yrs of pediatric practice. Happy to note that most of my answers to parents are in line with those of our panelists. i am enjoying the session.

Nice session sir.. Many infants have hypopigmented patches over face.. How should we approach

‘My child is not eating ‘ :
Many of them really having oromotor & sensory issues which needs to be looked for . Such child needs stimulation for odor , taste , tongue & jaw movements . Distraction is not a way to look for .
Fix time for food(3-4 times) , put baby in high chair, sit all family members together at meal time . This works .

Best toilet training :
One person
One word ( like potty )
One place
One time
One posture
One reward!

Growing pain is due to discrepancy of bone & muscle growth which leads to muscle stretching . Ask child to squot many times & skipping exercise to stimulate muscle growth .

Respected panelists, could you please throw some light on the use of supplements in children like vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc which are advised for adults in the current scenario of COVID-19.Thank you in advance

Sir what about DHA supplementation for infants and adolescent children? Does cod liver have DHA?

2months old baby on breast feeding only ,weight gain good only , passing stools twenty times ,Peri anal rash there . Can we take that as lactose intolerance ?

Participants, please face good light and smile frequently!
Dr Shree, (Dr DurgaPrasad’s colleage 1980s…)
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