IAP AP State – Practical aspects of Pediatric Allergy (3rd March,2021)

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In the West, pregnant mothers are given small doses of peanut. The numbers of allergic children are coming down in the West. Is that right Sir?

Beautiful lecture sir, atopic dermatitis is more common in infants, how safe is topical tacrolimus in that age group,

Are subcutaneous Vs sublingual immunotherapy comparable with respect with efficacy, adverse reactions.

If there is case of Allergic rhinitis with Asthma, requiring INS and ICS.
How you decided the dose ?

Duration of montelekast in allergic rhinitis and how to follow up
Role of Bilastin…

Dear Sir, fantastic allergy talk, lot of humour too.
Please may I ask how children with peanut allergy react if they are moved to India from the West and vice versa?

Which is the common allergen in your practice.Is it pollen/dust mite/food items

What is role of antihistaminic in allergic rhinitis? What is gold standard treatement of allergic rhinitis ?