IAP Bangalore BPS : Legends and Legacies 2 (29th March 2022)

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Please always provide me all updates about pws. Thanks for such a wonderful session and all valuable speeches.

Good evening all the respected Doctors,
I am really very much fortunate to listen to u all legendary doctors in the field of genetics.
My baby is a pws, male, 3.5 yrs. He can walk, speak now, but his movements not so stable like other babies of this age, slow learning capacity, obesity (although we follow diet plans by doctor)
Please advise on:
1) Medications for brain / memory development/ growth
2) to enhance stable movement or overall physical growth
3) to reduce the obesity
4) scope of fertility of pws baby
5) scope of Govt support for providing hormone therapy
6) chances of 2nd baby free from genetical diseases if the 1st baby is pws

I shall be extremely indebted if you kindly advise me on the above issues, please.

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