IAP Bangalore (31st January)

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Would like to know names of 6 banks Where you have account !
It is to know that theses are safe banks

Bank FDs- a prudent choice. Put max 5 lakhs in multiple banks( as it is insurance covered up to this amount)
Do not put more than 5 lakhs in FD in single bank

Nice talk Sir. Quite informative
Youngsters should look into ELSS schemes for better returns than PPF.
Your views on gift ( cash) to family members

My age is 45 years. How can I make my retirement plan at 60 yrs?

What should be my minimum income per month to have healthy financial prudence?

Life insurance is surely a waste unless you have a big liability. But if at all a life policy is to be taken it’s term insurance.
Returns on life insurance at the best is 4-4.5%