IAP Bangalore – IAP BPS IAP Karnataka-Challenges in COVID-19 management in children: First hand experience(4th May 2021)

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1)Asymptomatic patient- how long he is infectious to others?
2)when h/o fever for one day then when should we do RTPCR? Immediately or after 3-4 days?

Baby delivered to covid positive mother.develops RDS because of prematurity. Shall we keep baby in normal nicu or in isolation ward.

Is there any guidelines regarding use of flavipiravir in Pediatrics.

When exactly to add Steroids in COVID….?? based on fever pattern?? Or any other criteria

Dr Bharat you said that in the 135 kg child you said that post aspiration you came down to a PEEP of 2 ?? is that physiologically possible??

Do frequent mutation like 617 and new AP variant 440 have any impact on senstivity and specificity of RAT or RT PCR

Covid positive patient, Persistence of low grade fever on day 7 – 8 , happy child
No other symptoms, whether to start steroid

A patient aged 8yr covid RTPCR positive had fever for 3to 4 days,developed rashes after 2 days of being afebrile,maculopapular rashes on back and abdomen.she had no other complaints,she was doing fine except for rashes.in such case do we need to investigate for MISC.

Would you check the throat of a child who comes to your clinic?? is it worth the risk?

value of d-Dimer and should and how to treat high d=Dimer at what level

1.Two person bag and mask ventilation to prevent air leak around the mask fr neonatal resuscitation born to COVID positive mother??
2. Covid negative attendant with the LSCS COVID POSITIVE mother fr taking care of baby is the only solution fr breast feeding; mother alone can’t do it alone even if asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic???

Can we start early steroids on re appearance or persistence of fever by day 6-7 of fever. As there is chance that patient may have missed initial 3-4 days with mild symptomatology.
How shall we go about it?

1-Do you have children getting temperature around 95°f.after giving paracetamol or meftal, I had 2-3 cases. 2-Should we do RT PCR test can be advised on first day of fever

What to do, wen patient is well or minimal symptoms for 6-7 days, without oxygen support. After that spo2 falls, Oxygen required & CT Scan worsens from 2/25 to 6/25 to 18/25. And the patient becomes sick.

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