Third Wave-implications for Pediatrics (30th May 2021)

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The best webinar on misc I have attended till date…thank u so much bala sir..shivanand sir…and team diap..

Sir, Involving teachers is important as most children will listen to their teachers.So how we can involve teachers in preventing 3rd wave

One question for Bala sir…Whats relation between vaccine in children and MISC incidence….is there any theoretical possibility…?

Thanks sir …one of th best webinar attended about covid & MISC
Dr Milind Bharadia ,Nashik ( MS)

Why is Azithromycin being given as a routine in all Covid infections? Is it related to its immunomodulatory effect?

MIS-C , can it be seen following other infections other than Covid? Because many a times Covid Antibodies negative .

Sir, have you used remdisvir, if so in the current situation when is it indicated and the dose in paediatrics

Off late we are seeing dermatologic manifestations post Covid many with high antibody levels. How do you manage such cases?

I have come across a 1.5 yr old male child with RTPCR being positive with fever of 16 days, had history of mucocutaneous features, peeling of skin on day16. child had no distress , mild abdominal distension and no other complaints. Infective workup was negative. Crp , ESR were normal, D-dimer and il-6 were mildly elevated . The child’s fever didn’t respond to antibiotics, was given dexamethasone iv. For 3 days fever spikes decreased but still had fever. We had given pulse methyl pred despite the crp and ESR not being elevated, followed by Child seemed to have responded with only one fever spike post discharge after one week. And is under observation currently. Echo was not possible initially and after two weeks we could get echo where no comment on coronary dilatation was made, ef was normal.
Is it mandatory to have elevated ESR and CRP to consider misc?
Are we supposed to start aspirin in such cases, if so when and how long in cases where facility for echo is not available?
Thank you.

MISC. is it going to increase remarkably in 3rd wave .ivig&Methyl pred have drastically improved out come. You said in your cases mortality is nil?

Why mortality and infectivity is less in pediatrics

Difference in MIS -C/HLH/KD

As a part of preparedness should govt ask for increase production of IVIG to handle inflammatory syndrome

Any increase in Incidence of GI perforation due to use of anti-inflammatory drugs

CNS infection secondary to Covid ??
and whether to treat like autoimmune encephalitis ??

Proportion of distribution ofcases In chidren like Mild mod, severe..will it be altered in 3rd wave?

What is the confirmatory test for MIS-C ? What investigation is diagnostic besides clinical signs complex ?

What prompts us to think evidence based about third wave involving predominantly younger children .Any scientific markers or just a deduction elimination logic ?Please any one in the panel to answer.

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