IAP ID Connect Web Series (25th April 2021)

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Dignostic modes in leptospirosis in a case fuo.
More cases r found.
Incidences increased or more diognosis r done !!

most of the pseudomonas we isolate now a days are CRE. Is ceftazidime is still justified as empirical therapy?

any role of prophylactic antifungal in a child with febrile neutropenia and proven bacterial infection but fever fails to respond to appproriate antibiotics and there is no evidence of active fungal infection

Ceftazidime is not good against Staphylococcus. In monotherapy, isn’t it important to cover staphylococcus? If so, how to justify Ceftazidime monotherapy?

If child stays far away from hospital and expected to take more than 60 mins to reach hospital, any role of advising oral antibiotics prior to hospitalization?