IAP Kerala (6th August 2020)

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Thanks for an excellent talk.
A real eye opener.
Does Shigella watery diarrhoea needs to be treated with antimicrobials

Crypto sporidium is difficult to isolate by stool culture., and molecular method is not available every where. In such situation is it prudent to treat the diarrhoea empirically on clinical picture of cryptosporidium? And, what is the DOC for cryptosporidium available currently?

Is travel history and contaminated water is there in Cryptospordial diarrhea. It’s Treatment and Do we need to investigate family members

Dr Deeraj sir, change in incidence and organism , is it due to rotavirus vaccination ?
Shigella and E coli diarrhea -not dysentery_ really need antibiotics ?

Is shigella incidence more in breastfed or bottle fed.
Since we cannot do all detection tests in all patients. Do we have a protocol where if child not breast fed and prolonged diarrhoe can we give antibiotics as cefixime. Can a risk factor analysis make a risk chart for empirical antibiotics

Kindly elaborate on Vitamin D deficiency role in recurrent RTI
Did you measure Vitamin A level in same child ?

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