IAP Medicolegal Group – Karnataka (25th November 2021)

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Pt sent a legal motice to gynecologist.for a N.B had ICH and seizure on day three of life. Stating delivary process there was injury to scalp that has caused ICH.on day 1 pediatrician has seen child was normal and no injurry never found on baby.baby survived but left with legal notice to gynec.pl opinie about such odd notices.(ped was not given any notice)

What are the sections of laws which protects doctors when they threatened by journalist or any laymen?

Fully filled oxygen cylinder gets emptied when not in use. (Over the course of time)Even if they are tightly closed.
So best is to check again and again

I know one pt 60 yrs age female 107 kg wt was operated for bilteral knee jt reppacement in a single OT wih 100%on both sides.No complications intra or post op.

Bombay high court finally says cpa 2019 is applicable to healthcare, not Supreme Court has not given decision

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