IAP Mumbai Embi Connect (1st November 2020)

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Excellent talk by Dr.Mamta madam. The panel discussion was wonderful with all important topics covered

Dr. Kirti Prabhu
MMC Reg number – 2006/03/1321

Congratulations for discussing so musch on preventive and how to suspect thalassemia But *sorry to say that you not mentaion or stress on sickle cell.anemia in this which is as common as thalassemia in India

Can borderline iron deficiency anaemia ( Hb – 10.5, RBC count – 3.5 million) have normal RDW also?

Why do children upto 5yrs age need to drink 500ml milk per day. Isn’t milk an infantile food provided by nature for the young ones of mammals thru their mother’s breasts ? All the animals follow this rule of nature.

As NFHS data only look for anemia and not cause of anemia some patient with hemoglobinopathies must be included in that similarly vitaminB12 or other may be included in that.

Isn’t the fact that best milk iron is very highly bioavailable enough to offset the need for iron supplementation in otherwise normal babies? You said Indian weaning foods are poor in iron. Can this not be changed with education?

Please register me for the webinar.

Dr Prerana Modani.
MMC registration number – 2019/08/5922.

Dr Bhavsar sanjiv khushal
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Email drsanjivbhavsar@gmail
Please few words on dengue also

1. Why gram negative infection leads to very sever thrombocytopenia in neonates n preterms?
2. What are the advanced tests available to diagnose different platelets disorders??
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Please register Dr . Deepak Sambhajirao Gachhe for today’s webinar . MMC registration number :- 2002/03/1095 .

Please enrol me for this meeting and for recognition of mmc credit point. My name us DR DEEPAK S JHANGIANI AND MMC REG NO IS 2007/06/2667.

Dear DR.
Please send me link to attend CME classes on 1 Nov 2020
Dr Amrita Choudhary
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