IAP Mumbai Embi Connect (6th December 2020)

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Hello sir/Ma’am,
I have attended todays live talk. it was very informative and wonderful. Thanks to all the doctors.Could you pls mail the process of how are we going to get certificate/credits for the live talk on “Media and Abuse” and panel discussion on ” Adolescent Sexuality”.

Dr Nair, what a revealing discussion on a sex-related behaviour nothing to do with sexual feelings, but OCD.

Wonderful discussion dr mkc dr Bhave and dr Kiran. Even physician’s don’t ask about sexuality unless he comes for erectile dysfunction. But how many tell about this to patient when he is prescribing anti hypertensives. What about female libido ? Nobody address this.

Apart from online school classes and Tutions screen time , if parents advise teenager to go out and play they straight away deny it or say I don’t have mood to go for walk . How to deal with it?

Particularly loved that people often mistake media addiction led speech and interaction delay for autism.

Already registered AND now also my name is Dr Deepak S Jhangiani and my mmc reg no is 2007/06/2667. Thank you

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