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Any experience with
Fluquadri vaccine
Why now a days needles are not available in VACCINE boxex

Kindly reconfirm-
IPV – 2 fractional can be given 2 IPV and booster at 18 month and 4 and 1/2 years?
TCV- 2 doses
MMR – 3 doses- 9 months, 15 months, 5 years
?Hep B – booster at 10 years?
? Synflorix vs pneumosil vs prevenar

What is your take on the varicella MMR combination vaccination especially on the safety and efficacy?

Sir kindly address the issue regarding false information spread by govt field health worker amongst community against taking vaccines in the private. They say in private the stock is not fresh n bla bla bla…
They don’t put facts in front of them and that’s why middle,upper middle class preferring govt centres for vaccination deserting private vaccination inspite of manageable finances for them.

Does pneumosil have DCGI permission for use at 18 month dose.

Can I use it in catch up if someone has missed primary series

What’s the scenario of IM polio . Especially when govt. is giving only two doses.

Why so much publicity for covid?
which is important vaccine in paediatric age group

AFTER two doses of vaccine and a week after that…….I will ask other way, if the standard tests DO NOT show antibody; are you STILL protected.

How early will covisheild be available in pvt to doctors and corporate hospitals- will it b available in next 2months time because isn’t it better to also take at gap of 8 or 12weeks then in pvt

Deaths in Norway following Pfizer vaccine.
Knowing that they were about 80 and frail.
Anything to withhold vaccination for ourselves?

If person has suffered COVID 19
When he should take vaccines for COVID
And if he has antibodies?

The COVID-19 pandemic is under control in India as shown by the figures.New mutant from UK we already have which also is not shown to be dangerous.
Why this hurry /urgency to vaccinate ?

We can store adequate doses for use in future if need be.

The current stock can be exported to other countries who have placed orders.

It was reported that in the UK Oxford Astr Seneca vaccine trials,
there was documentation that if only half dose is used in the first priming dose, followed by a full dose six to eight weeks after the first dose, the immunological response is superior.

Why has this important observation been ignored worldwide?

Should Pediatricians take a covid vaccine, rushed into shortest possible time in the history of any vaccine ? Practical considerations

In these days of combination vaccines, in the near or distant future,
is there possibility of the Covid-19 vaccine being combined with the Influenza vaccine?

1)Role of MMR in Covid Protection.

2)Any update of Covid Vaccine for 0-12 years and 12-18 years(Covaxin manufacturer claims that they have done trial in age group of 12 to 18 years.)

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