IAP Mumbai- EmbiConnect (22nd November 2020)

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Excellent information given by all respected sir.
How will I know about mmc cme point of this cme?

Jan Dhan account which government has created for common Indian citizens, can be utilised for TB eradication / open TB post exposure family members with some incentives. Utilisation of ATM can be thought. But this all need some thinking process at ground level by expertee in IT and Medical field for human welfare.

Just a correction now programme name is National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme (NTEP) not RNTCP since 2019.

Social status and overcrowding in some areas predispose children to recurrent infections. Can we prevent them with some preventive medicine

what a brilliant talk, NO MENTION OF THE WORD….. ANTIBIOTIC. in a talk on pneumonia. Dr Chinnappa, you continue to surpass the high bar set by yourself.

Sir in VSD associated pneumonia ,how long should we continue furosemide .
pediatric cardiac physician advise patient with VSD to wait till patient turns 1 yr old ?

Sir can you please briefly elaborate role of vitamin E , D and C combination in preventing children from having recurrent upper and lower respiratory tract infection in current covid 19 pandemic. Thanks.

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