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If a person has recieved birth dose of hep B n 3 dose infanrix hexa can he recieve Pentaxim at 18 months?

What about oral vaccine given door to door . In Mumbai BMC field worker coming door to door ?

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All governments will need to evaluate the risk and how to utilize the vaccine. 130 cr to be vaccinated will be a tall task. Cost in India maybe less 1000.
Rgds Dr Uday Pai
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What would be the cost ?
Will Government of India (ministry of H & F W) will provide to private practitioners free of cost as *OPV**is supplied & we are asked to join for mass immunisation as * MR * campaigns? ?

Wheather nasal spray vaccine for Covid-19 will be accepted by our population??By previous experience it was very poor?!!

Dear Dr. Arun Wadhwa
Great dissection of the vaccine. Very informative. Thank you
DR Uday Pai
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Covid vaccination availability, cost and how many doses ? Will it be required even if someone is already inflected with Covid 19?

Giving Flu vaccine below one year of age when we don’t know whether baby is allegic to egg white. How this is justified?

What is the treatment recommendation for covid positive child, clinically stable, only mild symptoms?
Also, for asymptomatic contact who has tested negative or test is awaited?

Hepatitis B despite 4 doses…one at birth, 3 doses with hexa vac, is it necessary to give at 6 months of age

What is the upper limit to give pneumococcal vaccine in unimmunised healthy child of 5 yrs coming to you.
Reg no 2005/04/2550

1.catch up age for japanese encephalitis in endemic areas. acvip.org says 18 years in some pages and 14 years in one table
2. 8 years old child comes for the first time to me. he has missed 5 years at 5 years . so i give tdap vaccine . will this be taken as years dose or 10 years dose preponed

Why is it that Typbar TCV and MMR to be given at a gap of 4 weeks. Is it true for all conjugated vaccine?