IAP Mumbai- EmbiConnect (8th November 2020)

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Wonderful talk and equally excellent panel discussion by all the eminent faculty. Looking forward to more

MMC Reg no – 2006/03/1321

Thank you Madam Sushma Save and all the speakers. Very informative contents to help me in general practise and educative talk to refresh our Paediatrics knowledge. If possible kindly send me slides and transcript in my email address

Nice way to sensitise PP about need to check Ca, P alongwith elctrolytes , BUN, Sr. Creat

Dr. Uday A Pai
MMC 53674

Very clinical approach to a case of renal protienuria, Thanks Dr Pankaj
Dr. Uday A Pai
MMC 53674

Sir/ Madam the audio is not clear.voice is breaking. I can see only speakers dr nitin shah and dr madhuri speaking with other speakers in view. Kindly help and guide me

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