IAP Mumbai – EmbiConnect (11th October 2020)


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Hypertension in childhood was very informative session
How about Infective endocarditis in conginital heart diseases

Some easy tips on EKG reading for PP. We are sometimes lost for our understanding and evaluation.
Rgds Dr Uday Pai
MMC no 53674

What’s the best age for closure of vsd surgically…what does it depend on ??

One child (case of stage 5 CKD with uncontrolled hypertension) in our hospital was diagnosed as PRES based on CT changes – twice at a gap of one month in between both episodes. Has convulsions both the times. For how long do the PRES changes persist on neuroimaging?

Pl.guide on BP agewise reference charts recommended to be kept or used in OPD.
Dr.Vidya Jadhav
MMC Reg.No.2002/03/0981

Good to stress on LIFE STYLE CHANGES with lowering of age on comorbidities. Most necessary to send this clear message.
Rgds Dr Uday Pai
MMC no 53674

Interesting topic selection. Sensitise PP that BP measurement with the right cuff size is now mandatory.
Dr. Uday A Pai
MMC no 53674