IAP – PATs:GEAR UP Sessions – Pediatric Practice in Covid Surge (9th May 2021)

26 replies on “IAP – PATs:GEAR UP Sessions – Pediatric Practice in Covid Surge (9th May 2021)”

It was a good session. But there was net problem,so will it be available in YouTube later

If I am COVID infected and have an air purifier,do I still have to window of my room to make It ventilated

Can lactating mother take vaccine….if she takes ..should she stops feeding…

Post MIS-C recovery, are children prone for Type 1 diabetes mellitus or increased risk of heart failure ( so much infodemic happening)

Weather we get vaccines in market for children Johnson and Johnson and pfizer vaccine s

Please post your questions, everyone.. We shall take them up shortly…

Dr Srikrishna

Mam.. Can you discuss ped covid with other chronic disease like nephrotic.. On steroids.. Liver disease… Chemotherapy

Covid positive febrile child (day 5 of fever) with crp values 40 to 60, normal counts and n/L ratio. No respiratory distress. Normal systemic examination.
What should be line of management. Should steroids be added?

Most of COVID positive children are presenting with apthous ulcers.Do we need any specific treatment apart from B-complex.

If an adolescent becomes positive for for covid and has symptoms, should we be using ivermectin etc like in adults?

When are you going to vaccinate the pregnant women, lactating mothers and children, DrArunachalam, Nagercoil

Strugling with teleconsult apps,many of us are using whats app video call ,write prescription and sending the photograph of it as whatsapp message.
Is it safe and How to comply with Telemedicine guidelines of GOI for RMP?

Now that children are found to be superspreaders, what are the precautions we pediatricians have to take other than mask ?
How do we social distance while examining a child?

A lot of confusion regarding use of antibiotics Azithromycin, Doxycycline, use of ivermectin and steroids. Please clarify when and what to use.

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