IAP Pune (16th Aug, 2020)

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Respected …DR Vishnu biradar sir …Myself Dr navdeep singla was ur student and learned a lot …….SIR one practical issue facing that parents donot ready for REFERRAL whenever advised for HEPATOLOGIST opinion….SO KINDLY TELL SOME RED FLAGS FEATURES that all primary paediatricians to search in case of prolonged neonatal jaundice…And Approach To COUNCEL such parents for SPECIALIST opinion

respected ASHISH BAVEDKAR sir…. IN CASE of known neonatal jaundice… What is prognosis of LIVER TRANSPLANT in diagonsed case of PFIC and another case of NEONATAL HEMATOCHROMOSIS…

1. What is your experience and additional issues encountered in ABO incompatible transplants.

2.After transplant, what should be counselled about alcohol intake in donor for.lifetime?

Sir….is autoimmune hepatitis Relative contraindication fr liv transplant??… if not, is there need of doing hla typing to know d cause of autoimmune hepatitis??..

Thanks to experts for valuable discussion on neonatal jaundice….WHAT IS EXACT MECHANISM OF RAISED GGT ….And is it is prognosis marker

What percentage of neonates with hypothyroidism present with direct hyperbilirubinemia

In a busy OPD I got a 3 wks newborn with fever,,,,on examination yellowish up to soles …ON ASKING parents tell that showing sunlight for jaundice …Today they came as newborn is having fever and refusal of feeds …ON COUNCELLING about sequale of jaundice…Not listening…HOW TO APPROACH such parents..

Dr SNEHVARDHAN…myself dr navdeep singla from panipat ,,haryana…….What is NUTRITIONAL MANAGEMENT in case of prolong cholestasis..And names of products available in market…~

In clear case of neonatal cholestatsis and diagnosed as biliary atresia….PARENTS USE TO ASK ABOUT PROGNOSIS AND COST factors …HOW TO COUNCEL such parents ?