IAP TamilNadu (12th December 2020)

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Why only acyanotic heart disease why not cyanotic heart disease with minimal cyanosis with increased pulmonary blood flow .??

When mentioning diagnosis


Cover diagnosis / DDs

Complications – cardiac failure, rhythm abnormalities ,evidence of bact . Endocarditis,

Nutritional status including vitamin def ,anemia,etc

And any other illnesses if any?

any syndromic association ?

And kindly tell about on the basis of apex how to say there is right ventricular or left ventricular enlargement.??

Better to avoid terms like ” about ” when we have objectively measured observations like “liver span ” etc

How to decide a vsd is large medium or small on the basis of clinical examination and restrictive and non restrictive vsd what is the difference and how to differentiate clinically.!!

Why not anatomical defects of resp system.??
Can we say suck rest suck cycle in history
Or should we say feeding difficulty in form of longer time to feed and get fatigued during feeding

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