IAP TamilNadu – Postgraduate Clinics in Pediatrics – Hemiplegia (26TH SEPTEMBER 2020)

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In this case of UMN lesion how to explain hypotonia in motor system examination even after 1 week, respected moderators

Mam whether we should do CSF in such a case or not.??
If we r thinking about infective cause of arteriopathy.??

Why ACA territory.??
How we came to vascular etiology why not some space occupying lesion as features of raised ICP is there plus if raised ICP is there we should think more of venous stroke.??

Should not we should start with history at 7 years mam since child was not well even before this episode.!!

I think there has to be some more coherence in presentation – expansion of presenting complaints , elaboration of symptoms related to weakness sensorium ,cranial nerves ,extrapyramidal , fait,cerebellar, sensory ,autonomous
Then probable complications

Then regarding probable causes

Treatment given and response

Progression / improvement /

At the end present status

What made them to the health facility

All these constitute the present ilness history

Mam head injury patient will have chief complain of head injury so we should say it in no histories or not.!!

Is it not better to cover in the elaboration of the present history itself to cover symptoms related to as sensorium and other higher functions ,cranial nerve involvement including speech ,motor disability in detail ,sensory disturbances , involuntary movements ,bowel and bladder involvement ,etc and probable causes before going to the admission in Theni MC ?

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