IAP Tamil Nadu: Postgraduate Clinics in Pediatrics – Fever, Breathlessness and Rash… (3rd October 2020)

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disseminated TB with constrictive pericarditis, Right heart failure and monoarthritis and a subacute course of illness? (Although I know there are many points against as well)

If there is no sig history of breathlessness or rec resp illness prior to this illness with this presentation shouldnt we have septic arthritis with pericardial effusion as a important higher up differential diagnosis

How we come to congenital hd why not acquired heart disease since history is only of 1 mnth and no feeding difficulty and repeated lrti was there ??

Ascites due to pure nutritional etiology not common ,

May be with infection especially tuberculosis it can be seen
Here the cause coud be purely cardiac origin

What is difference between apical impulse and point of maximum impulse.??how to differentiate between the two

Nutritional edema graded as follows
+ Mild : Both feet

++ Moderate : Both feet +lower part of legs or fore arms

+++ Severe : Generalised edema including feet ,legs ,hands ,arms and face

Grade is based on the level of edema- foot, till thighs and till the abdomen graded as grade 1; 2 and 3

Mam we didn’t get anything in history but in anthro it shows both weight and height affection means child is not well even before 1 mnth.??

With fever, rash, joint involvement,pulsations,weight loss, high coloured urine can it be inflammatory too…joint involvement can be one joint to start with

Why no feeding difficulty and no repeated lrti if we r suspecting CVS system is involved ??

In the present history -How about elaborating on the presenting complaints like fever ,arthritis ,rash and other features like abnormal movements ,etc

In the past illness
Sore throat?
how about similar illness?

To ask for features to arrive at the main condition ,etiology and complications , differential diagnosis etc?