IAP Women’s Wing: World Autism Awareness Day (2nd April 2022)

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My querry to Dr Samir ? In ur cl experiance do u think once labled as Autistic , mothers of autistic children have recalled in retrospect their child was diierent or unusual they felt rt from birth or from early infancy before the time came to notice speech delay or other social behavior problems obiously to get alarm? This is bcs i have come across a book out side india writen by an autostic mother btfly describing how dofferent her baby was rt since he used to suck her breast , & i came across a 4 mth old i had to be his Ped who was a v v difficult to manage for the mother & the doctor in routin or in illness later diagnosed as Autistic.

Hasn’t autism increased over the last few months a lot ,particularly in Telangana ,twincities

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