Indo-UK Neonatal and Paediatric COVID 19: International Webinar(22nd May 2021)

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All speakers did wonderful job, gave very clear & practical treatment approach of Covid 19..

If a child presents with persistent fever and raised inflammatory markers in the setting of SARS Covid infection beyond the first week, would you consider starting steroids ( Dexameth or IV methyl Pred)? Has it been shown to halt the progression and reduce the need for PICU admission?

When do we need to Consider Toclizumab In MISC ? Any specific Clinical Indications ?

Does we need to give Enoxaparin at Treatment dose even if Z score less than 10 ?

Is Steroids plus IVIG is the first line treatment
in neonatal MISC With no coronary involvement and only Raised inflammatory markers?

2yr old had COVID 1 month back… recovered… started having fever 5 days back….fever was there for 2 days and subsided….CRP, D dimer done on day 3 was elevated along with Covid antibodies were positive…..
Referred for ECHO on day 5 which revelaed dilated coronary With Zscore 3.4…..
Repeat CRP and D-Dimer was normal….

1. Whether to give IVIG or not??
2. Does spontaneous resolution of MISC possible??
3. Even though fever subsided if inflammatory markers are elevated with out coronary changes..can we proceed with IVIG???

Can we consider Neonatal MISC in as early as DOL 7 ? With Raised antibodies And Inflammatory Markers ?

As per ACR treatment guidelines published in April 2021, Do we have to start IVIG and InjMP 1-2 mg/kg in all children with PIMS-TS?
Or we can wait and give IVIG followed by Inj. Methylpred pulse if not improving or vice versa

Dr. Ramanan,
We are seeing children presenting with MIS-C with RTPCR positivity. If it post-infectious phenomenon, why is RTPCR positive?

Are there any cases of PIMS-TS where antibodies are negative and PCR negative but children presented with multi system involvement and sepsis ruled out.q

Which is the best time to start steroids and anticoagulant in a child with covid 19..?!
Which Saturation levels are considered safe. ?!

Which is better option if the child has increasing oxygen requirements and increasing work of breathing. Is it HFNC/NIV?

Hi mam, could you please enlight us regarding anticoagulantion. When could we consider enoxaparin ( therapeutic/ prophylactic) / Aspirine in children with MIS-C?

1. Whats your accepted saturation of a ped covid who is on oxygen for lung involvement? Do u accept lower sats?
2. For PIMS TS, have u used ivig and steroids together?

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