Journal Ki Baat (28th March 2021)

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As pediatrician we should discourage use of ORS tetrapacks. Additives and preservatives in tetrapacks is a additional problem

IAP was a partner with GOI when Diarrhoea fortnight was launched during tenure of Pramod Jog. IAP should pressurise GOI to do a proper mass media campaign for prevention and treatment of diarrhoea before and after the fortnight like Coke and Pepsi do. Include such topics in School Udaya too

Another simple way to prevent misuse of the tetra packs by companies –
Clinician has to write in practice ORS “sachet” and a verbal line not to use the tetra pack..! Parents will remember it and gradually society will realise it and reduce the usage of tetra pack

Ciap needs to work about strict guidelines on FOOD LABELLING, all supplements,ready to use drinks, energy drinks are being marketed for commercial purposes

Parents usually complain of poor acceptance of usual ORS while children tend to take flavored ones…how can the palatability or acceptance of usual ors be improved? This is usually observed with some or no hydration to begin with….when thirst may or may not drive the ors acceptance that much…and when parents may indeed end up buying flavored products…

I have a question which I wanted to raise to speakers especially Dr Shah-
ORS has become a Heath drink among non diarrhoea diseases or even among healthy kids during tours and travels where parents take them as Frooti packs..!!
Can IAP do something to change this practice among society …

Sometimes prescribing the liquid ors takes precedence if the patient is traveling and dies not have access to clean water. Banning is not a solution, judicious practice should be

One request for CIAP to help to resolve a practical problem with potential serious consequences 1. ORS available in two sachets smaller one for dissolving in 200 ml and bigger one in 1000 ml. Important message is 200 ml. This is not prominently written hence inadvertent error of big sachet dissolved in 200 ml leading to Hypernatremia has happened. Despite repeated request to companies they are making this change. I suggest 200 ml should be printed in big size in the sachet to avoid this fatal error. Here CIAP can help

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