Maharashtra IAP Covid TOT: Vidarbha Zone (2nd June 2021)

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Kindly specify when to do ECG, 2D Echo, Pro -BNP and troponin c ?
Which of these is mandatory ?

Do you suggest to take any specific written informed consent, before starting methyl prednisolone/ IVIg in view of possibilities of changing guidelines and potential side effects..?

How to taper & stop steroids in MIS-C
How many days aspirin should be continued in MIS-C??

All signs of hyperinflammatory syndrome, raised CRP,ESR, D-Dimer.
No evidance of any bacterial / rickettsia / maleria/ urine infection.

But RAT, RTPCR, covid antibody -negative…

Can we get covid-19 antibody negative in Pediatric inflammatory syndrome?

What to do

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