Maharashtra IAP Covid TOT (5th June 2021)

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Do febrile inflammatory syndrome with mildly elevated D-dimer requires treatment of Aspirin?

Is it must to get RTPCR + Ve or Antibody +ve to label a child as MIS C if having myocarditis and family h/of COVID19.. ?

multivitamins in absence of overt deficiency/risk factors for, gargles,steam, bronxhodilators,antitussives, yoga should not be there in official recommendation for just presumed usefulness in absnce of good evidence sufficiently reasonable for recommendation level.

if this module aims at primary/secondary care focused at appropriate management at periphery, we need to emphasize elaborate instructions for isolation & infection control measures

Plz tell normal values as per age or wt. of all age wise and also for neonate. Plz tell doses of all drugs as per age and in special cases.

inhalation therapy with SABA/ICS is to be recommended exclusively in kids with known asthma/rec.wheezing episodes 3/more.

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