NCDPA’s 1st Annual Conference (10th December 2022)

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Govt if India turning Heslth promoting school under Ayushman Bharat ..modukes made and teachers peers being trained…IAP participation shall be ensured

Social media effect on sexuality max no of new HIV cases in this age grp.15 – 24 years..BCC approach not working

There was a policy shift that all angsnwadi beneficiaries and services will be digital listed..
Where do we stand…IAP role and digital clustering of ANGSNWADIS with IAP members to supervise..and monitor

Nutritional supplements ..MDM in schools is not been effective..quality or quantity or vompliance.
How to improve..

Dear Dr Sachdev….how to improve compliance of Mass Deworming and WIFS/ NIPI in SCHOOL AND OUT OF SCHOOL CHILDREN

I launched both these programs..but anemia prevalence in adolescents is showing increase

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