Parent’s Webinar: Schooling issues : Concerns and Solutions (7th August 2020)

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Excellen discussion, Prof Milind Wagh you have some very different views & explanations , would like to talk to you some time i kp interacting with policy makers ,, i am from delhi my mob no 9810316403 , would like to have your,s thx

Home education (out of school education) are attempted by some parents. It is how much it’s effective?

Please share your views towards the new trend of leaving school & joining coaching class before 10th standard.

Interview always conducted in English language. So many companies wants that the interviewer has a good knowledge of English language otherwise he aur she will be rejected. That’s why we as a parents we focus Ed on this language.

shall all the panelist & moderator let us know which medium are/ have their kids studying/ studied…and why??

Are there any educational institutions in India which educate children in the area of their choice and special skill instead of them going through the formal educational curriculum ? Make it easy and interesting for them ?