Setting up Paytm for Business Account

Quickly set up a Paytm Merchant Account where you can accept payments to your patients by sending them a QR Code or a Payment Link using the Paytm app:

  1. Open Paytm for Business app on iOS App Store (for Apple) or the Play store (for Android)
  2. Download the app and then create your Paytm account or link your existing account.

3. You will need to enter your Aadhar Card, PAN and Bank Account Details to “Proceed” and complete the setup.

  1. Enter Business Name, business category e.g. Individual Services, business sub-category e.g. Doctor. Additionally please enter below fields as mandatory. Please remember to enter these fields even if app says as optional
    i. Please enter referral code as “IAPMBBS0320”
    ii. Click on integrate payment gateway to enter the website details as “”
  1. Once your setup is completed you can generate your personal QR code, which can be shared with the patient on WhatsApp, email.

PLEASE WAIT FOR 24-72 HOURS BEFORE YOU CAN START USING PAYMENT LINKS. Till then you can only share QR code with your patients over WhatsApp, email to receive Payments.

6. In the payment Notification tab, you can also add up to 5 other phone numbers. All these numbers would get notified instantly when a payment is received.

7. You can activate Credit Card and Debit Card as options to collect payment directly from Paytm for Business by going to Payment Options from menu as shown below: Navigating to Payment Options

8. Once Paytm links (Request Money icon) are activated, you can trigger it to individual patient’s number, email addresses, or WhatsApp to collect payments from Paytm for Business app directly. The money goes directly into your Bank Account linked with Paytm.

  1. After you’ve activated your Paytm for Business account please wait for 24 – 72 hours while Paytm team enables ‘payment links’ from the backend. Paytm team would also be triggering SMS comprising of a JOT Form URL to your registered mobile number on an ongoing basis to verify your membership details. Please ensure that you provide these details as and when you receive these messages. This will help the Paytm team to ensure the facility is activated only for members associated to a particular academy/ institute.

  2. For any support/issues please raise a ticket here –
    a. ;
    b. Email at; or
    c. Call helpline on – 0120 444 0440