Pediatric Intensive Care e-Gurukul (23 August 2020)

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can IV azithro can be used below 1 year??

What is current treatment guidelines for super refractory status Epilepticus in children??

Cerebral edema and GCS less than 8 so intubated but do they need to be paralyzed? If so what will be duration of paralysis.

Can vancomycin monotherapy be used as empirical antibiotic in meningitis in penicillin allergy patient?

A great session….very comprehensively captured in an hour. Thanks DIAP for the effort- PCCM colleagues in Pakistan greatly benefit from these evidence based, state’of-the-art sessions
A special thanks to Dr Arun Bansal for the coordination

When continuous EEG is not available in PICU, is there any method to diagnose nonconvulsive status

Routine CSF is advisable for every scrub typhus patient or it is advisable only in children with CNS patients. Because incidence of meningitis is high among the bacterial etiology.

Should empirical antibiotic treatment include vancomycin?
Any specific subset where combination needs to be given empirically ?

Single dose of steroid before first dose of antibiotics is indicated or not. Route of antibiotic in scrub typhus ( intravenous or oral) for doxy / Azee in patient with no vomiting .

When to suspect and what are the clinical clues to Non convulsive status.
What are the risk factors for same one being suboptimal dosing for controlling seizures. Can NCSE be the presenting symptoms of meningitis
Kindly elaborate.

Now Azithromycin in oral formulation only is available. Can we use NG/oral Azithromycin for suspected mycoplasma CNS infection?

In the recent webinars, for the treatment of suspected Pneumococcal Meningitis, it was recommended to start with Ceftrixone and Vancomycin.
What is your take on this , keeping in view of the poor penetration of Vanco into CSF?????

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