Promotion Guidelines for Industry/ Field Support Partners for dIAP Content

In all sponsorship or distribution arrangements, content ownership shall be with IAP, no co-branding is allowed and in no way shall it be implied that IAP endorses or supports third party brands, whether they be pharma brands or content-distribution brands.

Industry or marketing partner will only promote IAP content produced by IAP and hosted on dIAP servers. Unless there is a specific licensing agreement allowing independent hosting and distribution, content must be hosted only on dIAP servers.

If the industry partner has obtained rights for distribution of content, the partner must provide a link to dIAP in all their online and offline collaterals used to promote or distribute IAP content.

Industry or marketing partner cannot sub-license any promotion or distribution rights to the content

All in-clinic promotion of IAP recorded lectures or interactive event content shall follow these rules:

  • All dIAP content promotion/ conversation shall clearly indicate that this is an IAP service under its dIAP program and it shall not be implied that the service is created in partnership with the brand.
  • Industry partner may use the following IAP and dIAP logos for printed or digital promotion of IAP content for which, industry partner has sought authorization. No alteration to the logo picture aspect ratios, logo picture colors or addition or removal of any element is permitted.
  • In case of a printed handout or a digital document, the section promoting the IAP content should be clearly segregated from brand promotion. If the IAP content descriptions appear as an article in a book or magazine format, no brand mention/ promotion shall be permitted along with the IAP content.

Industry Participant Rights – Industry Partner may advertise or promote their brand only in Industry Exhibition/ Display Zones on dIAP digital media. Industry partner acknowledgements may be carried in designated program areas. These entities may promote dIAP Education Programs to doctors when permitted to do so.

Industry Participant Restrictions – Industry Participants may not seek to influence the content of any dIAP Education Program and may not co-brand with dIAP Education Programs in any manner.

Published date: 01 March 2020