IAP Pune: Judicious Use of Antimicrobials -The Art and Science (4th October 2020)


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Recent studies show that Teicoplanin has some antiviral activity towards COVID-19… Will it be wise to use this reserved drug for this

Is there any initiative to introduce pediatric office practice as part of the PG curriculum with practising pediatricians as faculty, possibly in an adjunct role?

Sir so many pharmacists sell even amoxicillin clav so parents wud have taken this before coming to us so aren’t there any rules for pharmacy shops not selling antibiotics .thanks

There are so many irrational antibiotic combinations in market, can IAP as a body can do something to ban them, because if they are available, they r promoted and somebody is bound to use them.

Which antibiotic to be given to 27 day baby with bilateral otorrhoea, noticed insidiously by mother? No fever, mild coryza+
Can we give oral antibiotic?

1. What about government regularising parallel pathies who also use antibiotics very commonly? 2.can IAP have national guidelines for Azee and amox clav group of drugs?

Some patient demands antibiotics on first day of fever. I think it’s viral so not given antibiotics. Then after 3 days I saw focus and started antibiotic. Patient start fighting with me as he demanded on 1st day. How to handle….

To Tanu
Prophylactic antifungals in preterms less then 28 weeks or 30weeks ? If yes choice is fluconazole ?

In Urine Culture ,lot of times lot of common antibiotic sensitivity is not mentioned,so do we have to send sample again? Or lab can check from same sample

Patient started on empirical antibiotic improved but in culture report resistant to the antibiotic should change antibiotic?.just discussed clinical improvement is more important

Why is it that we still have to remind people to send the culture sample before starting antibiotics? Shouldn’t such a basic rule be ingrained right from undergraduate and postgraduate level?

In a case of burns, how do you decide to give an antibiotic? And which one? Are local antibiotic dressings enough in Grade 1 and 2 burns?

Is there any statergy for nonallopaths for not using antibiotics or decisions to be reserved only for allopaths ,which will surely minimize irrational , unwanted, hapazard and incomplete use of antibiotics?? We have been repeatedly and repeatedly been sensetized about rationality with which we are all updated and cognizant and eagerous to know more and more. We should form statergy for this ventures.

Are we not considering the role of clinical pharmacist in prescribing and dispensing antibiotics? I think many hospitals don’t even employ one. How can we incorporate them in regulating outpatient prescription.

How to convince the parents when antibiotics are not required but parents insist on antibiotics?

Should we ask our members not to write an antibiotic in first 3 days of fever
unless a definite bacterial infection is found?

Is the data for use of Azithromycin robust enough to recommend its routine use in SARS COV2 infection – confirmed or suspected – in mild or initial stages?

Before prescribing antibiotic..
Should we make it compulsory to write a focus of infection or a working diagnosis?

There are enough guidelines available.
Time to implement them stringently, developing a system to rewarding those who follow & penalising those who ignore them.

Statements like legal protection, parental pressure, lack of simple rules is only to hide incompetency. Only solution is to improve competency by mandatory updation & fix tenure registration which would be renewed on recahing a predetermined score only.

in a pt of UTI patient responded to oral cephexin but after completing the course for 10 dayswith in 2 weeks became febrile and urine test showed 50to 60 pus cells culture on first episode showed sensitivity to cefexime
usg abd was normal now how to choose antibiotic

In Endemic area where rickettial infection is far more common is it rational to give doxycycline or chloramphenicol on day 1 or 2 of fever by mere suspecting diagnosis? With h/o pets.

Will it be nice to give AMIKACIN INJECTION as single dose infusion than giving twice or thrice in divided doses ?


is it true that blood culture is positive in only 70% cases of typhoid fever.? Then what is the best one to diagnose ?
Between widal and typhidot ,which one is better ?

For ESBL sensitive only to colistin in icu setting , baby has responded clinically to meropenem what should we do if meropenem mic > 16 .. should we give only colistin or give both meropenem and colistin

In a pseudo pancreatic cyst with Candida positive in aspirated fluid ..how long to continue IV antifungal