Spasticity and Dystonia: Concepts and Medical Management (2nd December 2020)

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Can we plz get video uploaded somewhere so that we can access later for those who missed it for some reason. Thank you.

Thank you for the wonderful lecture Dr Palanivel. The videos were quite helpful. Mixed CP is surely underrecognized. Sialorrhea is a significant problem associated woth dystonia. What do you recommend beyond glycopyrrolate?

Starting Dose of baclofen in spasticity?
Dose of trihexiphenidyl in dystonia?
Dose of clonidine in spasticity?

What is the maximum dose per limb and total dose used by you? Do you recommend plaster application post injection?

It was a wonderful presentation. Thanks

Please clarify on the maximum and starting dosages of antispasticity and antidystonia medications

What is the youngest age baclofen can be given?
What should be higher dose and safe duration of baclofen for spastic quadriplegic CP, specially those come late and have severe spasticity.

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