PATs : Perinatal & Children COVID “practical, challenges & solutions.”(19th May 2021)

22 replies on “PATs : Perinatal & Children COVID “practical, challenges & solutions.”(19th May 2021)”

Paracetamol and brufen : using both suppress the fever , we will miss the sign of inflammation

In this pandemic Covid do we have to test every child with flu like symptoms particularly older children

Is there a role of steroid in high fever beyond 5 days with abnormal inflammatory markers?

Sir, there is an app in cell phones called heart rate plus, in which we can measure SpO2 , heart rate etc.,if the finger is kept on the sensor, do you think it is appropriate for video consultations?

Suppressing fever too much with paracetamol and also paracetamol is dangerous as we miss the imp sign of inflammation .
Use only one drug and use it only for fever more than 100.5 is ideal
Temp chart and saturation chart will hep as in adult

Sir..Already one month period over for many children with covid positive

Now if many children present to op with fevers.. in towns and villages,many poor parents are not ready.. how can we identify covid or post covid MISC in early stages and simple tests and how to get clarity

What are the ideal recommendations for Isolation of younger children Iin case one parent is Negative although thart scenario is rare

3yr old kid, parents were positive and recovered from covid 28days back, now kid is having fever 104 since 1day but active.when should we suspect MSI and when should we do work up for that?

If preterm labour mother received 4 doses of Dexa… should we reduce the duration of Dexa/ dose to avoid side effects in Mod to Sev Covid

Are we accepting the airborne transmission along with droplet transmission, pl explain sir

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