Thursday Teaching Session (resumed now on-line)/ Post Graduate Clinic (20th May 2021)

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Sir can reactive arthritis can last for this long duration.??
And if so can it be polyarthritis.??

Rheumatic not likely bcz pain is severe and it is migratory
Good response to analgesic sir and usually neck not involved

Chronic fever with additive arthritis with neck involvement so more likely ankylosing spondylitis
Malignancy needs to be ruled out
And SOJIA also needs to be ruled out

Sir my suggestion would be – Head to toe examination related to the particular system,IN this case jaundice. we might say for eg. alagille ok its correct to include CVS examination

When it is a case of jaundice, why the student looks for radio femoral delay??

Sir Also in chronic illness, involving the history of other systems will also give a clue apart from negative histories

Indirect will have anemia also so will present will paleness also as chief complaint

When we ask for hsitory of presenting illness, sometimes the patient will say new complaints which she would have said during the inital interview, so i used to say to my junior to write theses issues in the chief complaints

but i noticed some complaints were written in the history of presenting illness

Acute viral hepatitis doesn’t start with jaundice it starts with prodrome and gradually jaundice comes

12 yr old with conjugated hyperbilirubinemia to rule out
Acute viral hepatitis
Wilson disease

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