Tsunami of Omicron: Everything You Want to Know (Cowin Uday Part 2) (14th January 2022)


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Thank you very much to all the experts – Dr.Tanu, Dr. Dhiren, Dr. Vipin, and the moderator Kinja Vadekar for reading so much and giving us the extract of the wide knowledge you have. Probably we have to watch the video if available.

Of late seeing many children with sudden continues vomiting and fever. Is there any relation with omicron (Covid).

As there been so much of disturbance during the talk will it be available somewhere like in YouTube or some where else

Extremly poor transmission of such an important talk.please kindly retelecast or make the recording available.

should i wait for covovax, sub unit vaccine or take the covishield vector based vaccine as booster so called precaution dose.

In Chennai, we see many children get admitted for dengue, hence should be tested on day 3. Dengue may be more problematic

why imp webinars not saved on diap or UTUBE issues of internate connectivity not reaching to us

We are not even doing genomic sequencing at all from smaller cities, so how can we be sure of omicron.
Mostly people are not even testing for RTPCR or rapid antigen, so it could be just flue.

What’s the incidence of GI presentation with omicron…..There are lot of children coming with severe persistent vomitings !

Does vaccine (talking about covishiel specifically) cause false positivity of covid rtpcr…

can we take a precautionary dose, when there is an infection around us in working place and at home? if some one takes vaccine when he is incubating or asymptomatic inf, will it do any home