Update on Pediatric COVID-19 in association with IAP Respiratory Chapter Rajasthan and Bikaner Pediatric Society (30th May 2021)

34 replies on “Update on Pediatric COVID-19 in association with IAP Respiratory Chapter Rajasthan and Bikaner Pediatric Society (30th May 2021)”

1.What to do if d dimer is raised more than 2 times in child with mild covid..
2. Role of lmwh in home management?

in covid patient, isolated very high d-dimer with other norma inflanmatory marker …what to do ?

in diagnosing MISC…… 2 or more systems involvement are required…. suppose only nonpurulant conjunctivities and increased PT/PTT are there …. does it fit in the criteria

If patient is having persistent high fever on day 7 but CRP not rising , should we start steroids or wait

If patient is given monoclonal antibodies within 2-3 days of onset of symptoms, does it guarantee that this patient will not deteriorate

If patient is started on steroid at right time before hypoxia sets in ,in right dose ,how many of these patients disease still progress

A neonate presented with vomiting on day 2 of life and loose stool on day 3. rtpcr became positive when done on day 4. Vomiting subsided on day 3 and loose stool by day 5. His d diameter was 3080.
Should we start LMWH?

Two of our recents patients presented with fever and high CRP ( more than 200) with borderline change in EF with raised Bro BNP ( around 4000) and normal coagulation profile along with positive covid antibody. One of the patient was having conjunctivitis while other was presented with fever of only 1 day duration. How to proceed in such patient with all marker positive with fever less than 3 days?

how to differentiate between post covid hyperinflammatory state in continuation with covid vs MISC

Dr Subramanya your insight & use of pathophysiology to elaborate s/is excellent. The term Hypoxic ischemic pulmonopathy is innovative. If it is so then role of oxygen in therapy?

as per IAP covid guideline in moderate case remdesivir is recommended .ur veiw sir as u say it is recommended only in severe case

Sir,a eighteen months boy was brought with Mucormycosis . He had mild fever,cold,cough which were relieved with symptomatic treatment. Parents tested positive. Boy not tested

role of anticoagulants LMWH in moderate and severe cases and oral antICOAG ON DISHARGE

Just an observation……. Pediatric patients are either asymptomatic or presenting in febrile condition with rising inflammatory markers. Clinical presentation of mild, moderate and severe Covid ( as in adults) IS USUALLY NOT BEING OBSERVED or might be observed in minority.

How to differentiate between Acute Covid disease and MIS-C in such pediatric cases?

We are seeing a good number of adolescent patients coming with mild COVID (symptomwise) but with a chest xray showing GGO involving almost 25-50% of the lung parenchyma. How do we approach such cases?

Role of Monoclonal antibodies in mild case with comorbidity in adolescencent children

A 5 year old child presents with ONLY persistent fever last 5 days. Clinical examination including Spo2 is NORMAL. S.CRP is showing increasing trend (presently55 ) with NLR > 3.5. How to manage this case from Day 6 onwards?

Should we recommend flu vaccination for healthy children upto 5 years as per acvip recommendations or for all?

Is there a possibility to have distortion in smell if the patient experienced loss of smell/taste for short-time, but no other symptoms of covid. The patient had recovered after that but started complaints of distorted smell in certain food items after regaining the taste and smell. Is this a case of prolonged parsomia?? And how much time can it take to recover.

In a neonate who became rtpcr positive on day 20 of life and became negative on day 27 of life, After how many days of becoming RAT negative can we start routine vaccination according to NIS ?

Lactating mother if get vaccinated, any gap in routine vaccination of infant following mothers vaccination ?

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